Martin Plattner

Martin Plattner

# Google Summer of Code 2020 With the Honeynet Project

I was a Google Summer of Code student for The Honeynet Project in summer 2020. I was adding new features to their network analysis tool mitmproxy. It was a great and valueable experience. My mentor Maximilian Hils did an excellent job. This page summarizes my work and provides links to the code I created.


My work on mitmproxy consists of two major contributions:

  1. I completely revised the existing replacement addons.
  2. I created an interactive tutorial to help onboarding new users.

Project 1: New Replacement Addons

I completely revised and extended the existing replacement implementation. I introduced four new addons that provide a unified user experience to perform replacements in headers, bodies, and URLs:

Related PRs: #4043, #4046, #4060, #4069, #4102

Project 2: Interactive Tutorial

I created a tutorial that interactively introduces new users to mitmproxy using terminal recordings. It teaches users the basics of mitmproxy and how to use its core features. A major part of this contribution was the creation of a tool to record scripted terminal sessions using asciinema. This allows to fully automate the recording of the tutorial’s ascii casts.

Related PR: #4127, #4194

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