Martin Plattner

Martin Plattner

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Hello. My name is Martin Plattner. I am a software engineer and consultant with a strong interest in information security. I live and work in Innsbruck, Austria, a beautiful town in the alps.

I run a freelance software development and IT consulting business since 2011. I am specialized on the creation of custom applications that efficiently solve business needs. I cover all stages of a project and aim for close cooperation with the client to deliver high-quality results. I also offer consulting with a strong focus on cyber security. More about my services and a selection of previous projects can be found below. If you want to work with me, please send me an e-mail.

I studied Computer Science with a focus on information security at the University of Innsbruck. I was working as project research staff in the Security and Privacy Lab of Rainer Böhme, where I studied cross-blockchain data analysis using BlockSci. Previously I completed bachelors in Computer Science and Business Informatics at the University of Vienna and the University of Stockholm.

I was a Google Summer of Code (GSoC) participant in summer 2020. I worked for the security research organization The Honeynet Project and added new features to the network analysis tool mitmproxy.

Interests. IT Security, Software Development, Data Analysis, Distributed Ledger Protocols, Graphic Design

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