Martin Plattner

Martin Plattner

# About me

Hello. My name is Martin Plattner. I am an information security professional, software engineer, and IT consultant based in Innsbruck, Austria, a beautiful town in the alps.

In my role as an information security consultant at Axians ICT Austria I am responsible for developing and executing Axians’ security consulting portfolio, which includes services such as penetration testing, auditing and hardening of large-scale IT infrastructures, phishing campaigns, and other consulting services.

I run a freelance consulting and software engineering business since 2011, where I focus on information security consulting and the creation of custom applications that efficiently solve business problems. I cover all stages of a project and aim for close cooperation with the client to deliver high-quality results. More about my services and a selection of previous projects can be found below.

I studied Computer Science with a focus on information security at the Universities of Innsbruck, Vienna, and Stockholm. I was working as project research staff in the Security and Privacy Lab of Rainer Böhme, where I studied cross-blockchain data analysis using BlockSci.

I was a Google Summer of Code (GSoC) participant in summer 2020. I worked for the security research organization The Honeynet Project and added new features to the network analysis tool mitmproxy.

Interests. Information Security, Software Development, Data Analysis, Graphic Design

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# Selected Freelance Works

Please note that most of my security-related projects are subject to an NDA and can not be shown here.

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