Martin Plattner

Martin Plattner

# About me

Hi. My name is Martin Plattner. I am an information security professional, software engineer, and consultant based in Innsbruck, Austria. I thrive to work at the intersection of {security, data, people} and develop efficient solutions in this area. I’m passionate about learning new things and teaching them to others.

In my role as lead cyber security consultant at Axians ICT Austria I am responsible for developing and executing our security consulting portfolio, which includes services such as auditing and hardening of large-scale IT infrastructures, simulated phishing, incident response, and other services. I also coordinate our international pentesting and audit team within the Axians Group.

I run a freelance consulting and software engineering business since 2011, where I focus on information security consulting and the creation of custom applications that efficiently solve business problems. I have successfully worked with 70+ clients throughout my career and always aim for close cooperation to deliver high-quality results. More about my services and a selection of previous projects can be found below.

I studied Computer Science with a focus on information security at the Universities of Innsbruck, Vienna, and Stockholm. I was working as project research staff in the Security and Privacy Lab of Rainer Böhme, where I studied cross-blockchain data analysis using BlockSci. I received two awards for my master thesis and published my novel address clustering technique at the 29th USENIX Security Symposium 2020.

I was a Google Summer of Code (GSoC) participant in summer 2020. I worked for the security research organization The Honeynet Project and added new features to the network analysis tool mitmproxy.

If you want to get in touch don’t hesitate to send me a mail.

Interests. infosec, software development, data analysis, homelabbing, automation, graphic design

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Please note that most of my security-related projects are subject to an NDA and can not be shown here.

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